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RE:Bleaching flourite.

>Hey all,
>Would bleaching Flourite destroy its chemistry and render it useless in 
>regards to its
>iron-bearing property? In the past, my tanks developed brush algae.  I am in 
>the process of setting up a new tank from scratch, making sure to bleach 
>everything (plants, gravel, equipment, etc...).  I tossed out the previous 
>substrate and have decided to go with a half Flourite / half gravel 
>substrate combo, but the more I think about it, I am leaning toward a 100% 
>flourite bed. In the event that the brush algae begins to grow over the 
>Flourite, I would want to eliminate it asap, and from experience, only 
>bleaching can do this (although I've heard of starving it to death which 
>I've never observed). Any comments?

Don't do it. On anything porous for that matter. Hard as hell to get it all
out afterwards. Use SAE's- they will eat BBA. 1 per ten gallons should be
fine and add them from the start and don't feed them very much. Work on
getting the fish load down and maintaining your Ph/KH in a good range. I
haven't had BBA on Flourite but have had it on sand. The same thing applies
for that also. Or any BBA issue. You cannot starve BBA BTW. It will hang on
for months and months. Often, high flows will cause some BBA to appear near
these areas such as spray bars etc.
Tom Barr