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Name that Nutrient Deficiency

Hi all,

Here's a little plant trivia quiz.  I had, diagnosed, and cured a
(common?) plant nutrient deficiency, and I took pictures of the symptoms. 
See if you can guess what it is.  I'll post answers next week, along with
the plant doctor hall of fame...

The questions: What was the missing nutrient?  And what common bit of
(normally sound) APD advice led me to this situation?

<a href="http://weber.ucsd.edu/~ewilliam/tank/index.html">Click Here</a>

or "http://weber.ucsd.edu/~ewilliam/tank/index.html".

						Hope you enjoy,

P.S. I have another problem that I haven't yet cured in another tank, so
there might be a second round if I can figger out what the darn problem
is.  Stay tuned...  

P.P.S.  Was someone compiling a database of deficiency pics?  I can
contribute two different cases, so far...