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What Gives? Have I S&^%$ed up So soon?

Well, everything was perking along just fine. The fellow at the LFS mentioned 
to me that the local water has little buffering capacity and that's why after 
sitting in the tank for a week the pH went  from 7.5 to acidic. So I added 
Seachem Neutral Regulator yesterday. (per directions) And my phosphate shot 
up from 1 point zero to beyond 5 point zero. So I'm doing a water change 
tomorrow. Or should I just wait and see?

Another question -- since my local water is going to go from circa 7 point 6 
to circa 6 point 5 after a few days, I presume I can / should add Arm and 
Hammer to increase buffering?   

And -- since I will be adding CO2 within the next month or so, how can I 
avoid all this adding of chemicals to bring the pH up, just so I can bring it 
back down while injecting CO2 in the water for the plants?

Confused and slightly disgruntled. And yes I searched the Krib and came up 
with zero.

Oh Present tank chemistry in the 120 gallon

Temp 76 - 78 dF
pH - 7.6 -
kh 3
gH 3
NH zero
NO2 zero
N03 point 25
Fe(ch) point 50
phosphate 5 point zero plus (yesterday before I screwed around adding the 
*Regulator* it was 1 point Zero.

This tank has been perking along just fine since the evening of 6 May. The 
three swords are growing great (Rubin, Ocelot and Rose) Ditto with the 
Scarlet Hydro, Giant Hydro,  A. crispus  and other stemmed plants whose names 
I've forgotten <frown)  The 15-20 odd Vals seem to be hanging in there.

Disgruntled and dreading an algae bloom but, thanking the list in advance.

David Napierkowski
Focaipoint at aol_com
Annapolis, Maryland