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Re: Chocolate Gourami

Sylvia -- I've never kept the Chocolate Gourami, because I was always told that
they would do much better in a single species tank, were quite prone to ich unless
conditions are just to their liking, and that they would enjoy higher temps -- over

Here's what Baensch (v.1., p. 644) has to say: "[General:] A peaceful, even
timid fish best kept in pairs, it should not be combined with active species."
"[Maintenance:] The fish is delicate, prone to bacteria and skin parasites, and
water quality is important: hardness 2-4 dGH, pH 6.0-7.0 with peat extract.
The tank should be well planted and the water changed frequently." "[Feeding:]
Such live food as black mosquito larvae, bloodworms and brine shrimp, flakes,
possibly with FD." Temp recommendation is 75-86F

That said, I'm sure others may maintain the fish under different conditions. I'll
pass on to you what Baensch has to say and wait for more folks to contribute.

Walter B. Klockers
Plano, TX