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Re: Chocolate Gourami

i've tried keeping chocolate gouramies in typical tank water... from the tap
with some dechlorinating agent in it.  they'll only last a couple of weeks.
even if they eat and appear healthy. mine did. i assume they'll do the same
unless the breeders have acclimated them to general tap water. i've only had
chocolate gouramies trully thrive when i kept them in nearly distalled water
with peat extract in it. that's the only way i've kept them for a serious
amount of time. unfortunately i just love gouramies... but the more hard to
find ones tend to be hard to keep. i've kept noble gouramies from time to
time... these guys trully are a great favorite of mine... (they have this
nice personality... and have this predator type of thing... yet they worked
great in my tank as long as they lasted)... but they rarely lasted past a
month. many books have little info on them... the one from tetra books
hinted they may like cooler water.

anyway... i've now refrained from keeping such wonderful fish. i know
they'll be better of in my tanks (instead of the fishstore), and they are.
but they just don't last that long.