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Re: American Flag Fish

On Fri, 12 May 2000, Raymond Wong wrote:

> I was looking at Kathy's website (sorry if i spelt it wrong or if i reffered
> the wrong person) at http://www.nfis.com/~hartland/aqua/aquaria.html
> and she stated that her American Flag Fish would occasionally nibble on the
> Micranthemum sp. woould they do the same for other plants with small leaves.
> say glossostigma?

American Flag fish will eat plants.  In fact they seem to like some plants
better than some algae.  The biggest problems are with fine-leaved plants,
but in a pinch they'll tear at pretty much anything.

> I've notived part of my 'patch' of glossostigma's been dug up I'm guessing
> one of my clown loaches did it, but maybe another fish dug it up, any
> guesses, my other guesses are SAE's, and my amano shrimp, but i don't think
> any of my rainbowfish did it.. (or maybe they did)

Clown loaches are great diggers.  When mine were young they used to
excavate holes in the substrate looking for trumpet snails.  If the clown
loaches didn't pull up the glosso, then my next guess would be that the
Flag fish did.  They bite and pull on leaves with enough force to uproot
small plants that aren't well-established.

Roger Miller

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