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RE: Seachem's Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit

It should be fairly simple to make a reference solution using KNO3 to check
the accuaracy of the test, at least to know in your case wich one is totally
wrong. I think that I read on the krib how to make such reference solution.

If I remember correctly the Seachems kit includes such a reference solution.

Just guessing but I think that your tank conditions should point out wich
one is working properly.

Better late than never...



Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 19:09:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kean Huat Yeap <keanhuat at yahoo_com>
Subject: Seachem's Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit

My Seachem Nitrite/Nitrate test kit gave me reading of
0.5 ppm nitrate in my tank but my friend's Lamotte
test kit gave me reading of over 44 ppm of nitrate in
my tank! The huge difference of the nitrate reading
really make me baffled. Had anyone experienced this

I can't tell whether the chemicals in my test kit are
already expired or not. I got the test kit last Dec
from ThatFishPlace. I tried to find the expiration
date on the test kit but no avail.

May be Dr. Morin can help me on this?

Kean Huat