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Re: Red Sword Recommendations

Neil Frank wrote:
>.....(2)Most of my experiences with this species is with the red horemanni
>variety. At times, I have had my red horemanii grow so large in the 70
>gallon tank that its leaves were unable to stay totally under water.
>Consequently, they would pile up and part of the leaf would be essentially
>"floating" on the surface. Because of the tight quarters, the leaves could
>not float evenly and parts of the leaves would be partially out of the
>water and dry out.This was not a pretty sight. Maybe this was different
>than the floating behavior of your strap-like uruguayensis-type Echinodorus.

It sounds like the leaves of your red horemanii did not change in shape or
appearance, but just got pushed above the water line by crowding of the
leaves below.  The submersed leaves of my narrow-leaved green uruguayensis
were strap-like with hardly any petiole.  The floating leaves were oval
with very long petioles.  There were no intermediate forms of leaves.  The
floating leaves were tough with a waxy upper surface, and somewhat olive

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, where our next chance of rain is
Sat.  89 degrees today, and 91 expected tomorrow.