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Re: Red Sword Recommendations


Thanks for checking this out. The new leaves coming in are a dark red with 
olive green patches. The older leaves (leaves which were on it when it came) 
less red, with a brighter green color. I have fairly low light in this tank, 
80 watts over 55 gallons, but it's growing surprisingly well. I thought it 
was emersed when it arrived, because of leaf shape, but the new leaves are 
the same, though a different color. The leaves are also quite tough.


> Notice the red/green splothy colors on the leaves. I believe it is the
>  so-called "Red Flame." This is what I call the "green on red" variant of
>  ozelot. I can't tell from your photo if it is the submersed or emersed
>  form. Grown underwater and with sufficient light, the newer leaves get a
>  brilliant dark red color with constrasty light green splotches.