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Re: red sword reccomendations

Neil wrote:
E. uruguayensis is the name used by Haynes and Holm-Nielsen (1994) to
describe a number of related Echinodorus which include E. horemanii. The
leaves can be narrow or wide. The one with narrower leaves is typically
called uruguayensis; with wider leaves it is horemanii. There is a green
horemanii, with beautiful translucent leaves and there is a particularly
striking one called E.horemanii, red. You can see a nice, but very small
picture of red horemanii in ZooMed's ad in PLANTED AQUARIA MAGAZINE (lower
left). It is my photo and my plant.  This is the quality that the publisher
(Gomberg) intended for all the photos, but unfortunately there was an
unanticipated problem with the slide scans. <<

I knew as soon as I hit the send button that I had forgotten about the red
variety! I am so used to staring at my big green one. I didnt realize
however that there was a wide leaf variety. That explains why I got wide
leafed ones from a FAN order, and narrow leaf ones from an order imported
from Oriental Aquarium. I just thought I got mislabeled plants. I like the
the big huge green narrow leafed one! Here is a closer up picture:

Robert Paul H