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A Co2 Diffuser idea...needs comments. Especially Gomberg & Karen

I was browsing the archives of late and happened upon Karen's Co2 diffuser.
 A clever little device consisting of little more than an upturned bottle
passively accepting Co2 from the bottom mixing w/ water flowing in from the
top.  Subsequent ideas were sudmitted adding bioballs and the like, but
IMHO its still Karen's idea until something really radical comes along.  

I've come up w/ an idea that also adds to Karen's design but before I
invest the effort in a prototype I'd like your opinions.  The top diagram
is my modification.  The bottom diagram is Karen's original design (plus
some modifications suggested by others)

My hope is since the powerhead's impeller premixes the Co2 the overall
apparatus should produce a richer more Co2 saturated out flow.  What do you
Lurkers think?

For those w/ extensive mechanical Co2 experience, could a design such as
this one be sucessfully configured to a high pressure system?  I read
somewhere that Gomberg frowns on the approach but correct me if I'm wrong.

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