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Re: unknown eggs

Matthew writes:

> I have some unusual eggs that have appeared in my new 55 gallon planted 
>  These eggs are about 3 to 4 times the size of an osmocote pellet. They are
>  single eggs and evenly dispersed around the tank. They are clear on the 
> outside
>  with a flesh colored embryo inside. The inhabitants of the tank are as 
> follows.
>  1 Farlowella (acus or gracilis)
>  3 Black Mollies  (live bearers so they are ruled out)
>  6 Siamese algea eaters 
>  8 Otto's ( two different species very distinct from one another)
>  3 Corey cat's
>  1 Chinese algae eater 
>  8 ghost shrimp 
>  12 MTS (maybe these are from them?)
>  None of the inhabitants are protecting or caring for these eggs. The MTS 
>  not eating them so they are my first guess as to being the parents. I 
> thought
>  most snails lay eggs in clutches but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas?
My best guess would be the corys.  The farowella will lay eggs without a male 
present, but they are cave spawners.  I don't know much about ottos, but as 
they are loricariids, I would expect them to do the same as the farowella.  
They are definitely not MTS, as they are reported to be viviparous 
(viviparous snails hold the eggs in the shell until they hatch).  Corys are 
egg scatterers.  Usually they stick them onto the sides of things.  Then they 
ignore the eggs.  I would suspect that the CAE and the mollies will find them 
and eat them.

Bob Dixon