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Re: Carbo-Plus CO2 Unit

> I've been reading comments, both pro and con, concerning the Carbo-Plus
> CO2 device.... Has any concensus been reached concerning this product?

I've been interested in this product as well. Last week I checked the archives to
view past comments on Carbo-Plus. Consensus? Pffft! I think not! :-) "Clumping" here,
there are some very knowledgeable folks who warn "buyer beware," and then there are
those who use the unit and continue to be *very* satisfied (I've been checking off

Here's what I've been learning about the unit (from my on-line friend Wintek):
"...the manufacturer is not telling the truth about how the device produces the CO2.
No way is the device breaking down water into O2 and H2 to have the O2 react with the
carbon to get CO2. This process would release hydrogen gas into the hood of the
aquarium, and you'd have the very real possibility for an explosion. Paul Sears from
the Krib thinks that the unit is taking 2 bicarbonate ions, converting them into one
carbonate ion, CO2, and water. Because of the low solubility of CaCO3, the carbonate
ion grabs a calcium ion and precipitates. So the unit is apparently removing calcium
carbonate from the water by reversing the steps by which calcium carbonate dissolves
into the aquarium, which involves the consumption of CO2. The manufacturer states
that the Carbo-Plus unit does reduce the carbonate hardness (to an equilibrium value
of 2-4KH??????). You can interpret this side effect (reduction in GH and KH) as you
wish!!" I'm beginning with quite soft water out of the tap, so this is a concern.

Also, the aspect of mixing electricity and water concerns me. Even if there are
safeguards on the unit to prevent your fish (and yourself!) from electric shock, I'm
a bit worried that at some point in time these safeguards may quite literally break
down. At what point might this happen? Five years? Ten years? I don't know.

I like many things about Carbo-Plus, but the above aspects have prevented me from
purchasing one at this point in time.

Walter B. Klockers
Cautious, in Plano, TX