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Re: Carbo Plus

>I've been reading comments, both pro and con, concerning the Carbo-Plus
>CO2 device.  I use CO2 in several tanks now with good results.
>If I could achieve good results, and no appreciable negative effects,
>I'd like to try this device.
>Has any concensus been reached concerning this product?
>Thank you,
>Barrie Smith, Missoula, Montana


Why spend lots of money on a product of questionable quality when you can 
buy a high pressure CO2 setup for <BOLD> LOTS <BOLD> less?

Gomberg high pressure system without tank:  $ 119   
10 lb CO2 tank:                             $  60   ( may be more or less )

Note: You can buy different CO2 tanks to meet your needs. For example, 10 lb 
and 20 lb tanks are also available, in addition to larger sizes. Price 
increases as tank size increases.

The final price of $179 for the high-pressure CO2 setup and tank is 
approximately $100 less than the Ceomat CO2 system.  Also, replacement 
blocks run $39.99!  Woah! CO2 tank refills cost anywhere from $5 to $20 
depending on the size of the tank. I would expect a 10 lb CO2 refill cost 
about $10.  In the long run, it would cost less to go the high-pressure 

Two more things to consider, First, I don't believe the Carbo plus unit can 
be used in conjunction with a controller, and second, if you get a larger 
fish tank, you can always purchase a larger CO2 tank.  I don't imagine that 
you would want to purchase additional Carbo Plus units since the cost of 
doing so would be waaay too steep!

Hope this helps

~Ashley Sligh

Lyncburg, VA.....where it's too hot to cut grass today or study...shucks! ;)

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