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Re: Lowering KH with H2SO4???

> From: K9AUB at aol_com
> Subject: Lowering KH with H2SO4???
> I need to tap the brains of one of you chemists out there.  I want to know if 
> Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) would be suitable for lowering KH?  I have noticed 
> that swimming pool acid appears to be nothing more than 38.5% H2SO4, with 
> "inert ingredients" being 61.5%From owner-aquatic-plants  Thu May 11 09:33:41 2000
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Subject: Re: Carbo-Plus
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> From: barrie99 at marsweb_com
> Subject: Carbo Plus
> Has any concensus been reached concerning this product?

	One thing it does not do is oxidise carbon to CO2.  It _may_, in
hard water, precipitate out CaCO3 and produce CO2 that way.

	Ca++  +  2HCO3-   ->  CaCO3(solid)  +  H2O  +  CO2

	A CO2 cylinder setup is, as far as I am concerned, the easiest
and quite possibly the cheapest (long term at any rate) way of
introducing supplemental CO2 into an aquarium.  With a capital outlay
of about $170 Canadian, $20 refills at four year intervals and no
work involved, it's difficult to beat. 

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada