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RE: Onyx

>Hi everyone,
>About a week ago someone posted a question about placing onyx sand over 
>flourite, and if having a deep layer of sand over the flourite was okay. I 
>haven't seen any responses, so what does everyone think? I would like to 
>know, since my long awaited planted discus tank will be ready for assembly 
>soon! I was planning on a combination of flourite and sand 4-6 inches deep 
>with RFUG. 

OK I'll bite:
With flourite my test say the RFUG has not been much to your advantage.
Although I would use an external wet/dry for the Discus tank. Leave just the
Flourite on the bottom. Nothing else. Don't add any extra laterite /peat
etc. I think it is not needed in the several planted flourite tanks I have
done lately. Makes life easier too!

>Green water...some of us are plagued with it, and some of us can't get it 
>I am trying to culture daphnia, but can't seem to get my water to turn green. 
>Just goes to show you how picky algae can be too!

Get some pond water and toss in a jobes stick etc leave outside and wait.
Add some jobes to your tank water column and stir up your gravel real well
and have little if any filter and lots of light and CO2. That did it for me.
Tom Barr