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Re: Coralife Trichromatic Bulbs

>From: "Dustin Swanson" <dustins at greatlakeseng_com>
>Subject: Coralife Trichromatic Bulbs
>Does anyone recommend these bulbs.  I'm glad I only bought one ( I have 2
>lights) because if I bought 2 my tank would look way to green.  Is it common
>for these lights to be so green?? Also it looks like my tank will fall to
>algae in the next week or so, anything I can do now to prevent it, and
>altough I've only had the trichromatic bulb on for one day, might that bulb
>be a partial cause of my outbreak, I had a Triton and a normal bulb (that
>came with the strip), now for the one day I've had the Triton and the
>Trichromatic on.

The Coralife Trichromatic bulb has one of the highest CRI around (92), and 
at 6500K, should look blueish, not green.  It might look green next to your 
Triton though, since the Triton is basically purple.  I don't think it 
should cause algae, because it is marketed for aquarium use.  I have used 
it in the past with no problem.  You algae outbreak might be caused by an 
increase in light though, when you replaced the "normal" bulb with the 
Trichromatic.  If so, you should look at your nutrient levels.

For an idea of the color of various bulbs, see my web site.


Hoa G. Nguyen
Freshwater Planted Aquarium: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/