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Re: Coralife Trichromatic bulbs

Dusty Swanson wrote:

"Does anyone recommend these bulbs.  I'm glad I only bought one 
( I have 2 lights) because if I bought 2 my tank would look way to 
green.  Is it common for these lights to be so green?? Also it looks 
like my tank will fall to algae in the next week or so, anything I can 
do now to prevent it, and altough I've only had the trichromatic bulb 
on for one day, might that bulb be a partial cause of my outbreak, I 
had a Triton and a normal bulb (that came with the strip), now for 
the one day I've had the Triton and the Trichromatic on."

Dusty, I have used these bulbs for years. They are not associated 
with algal blooms. Yes, the light does have a strong green 
component. Since you have been using a Triton, you have probably 
become accustomed to a bluish cast in your tank. I think the 
trichromatic is much more natural. I like to use it in conjunction 
with a 50/50 to add some blue - your Triton would serve the same 

Your problem may be that you've added a new and more intense 
lightbulb, and that has created an imbalance in your tank between 
the amount of light and the nutrients available to your plants. 
Perhaps you need CO2, or your nitrates are too high. You will have 
to evaluate and see where the problem is. I don't think it's in the 
light bulb.

Cathy Hartland
in steamy Middletown, MD