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Re: Red Sword Recommendations

>>Does any one have or every grown the Echinodorus uruguayensis or ruby
sword. I have seen these for sale at AquaBotanics site, but I my LFS does
not carry it can seems to not be able to get it.  Is the Ech. uruguayesis
and Ech. hormanii the same plant?  I currently have the red flame, red
rubins, ozelots, red melons, marble queens, and I am basically looking for a
sword that stands out from the others or is red like the others.  I can get
the oriental and the rose, but these two swords do not impress me very

The Ruby sword, according to my supplier is a unique hybrid, (of what I dont
know). It becomes very dark red, in some cases almost a red black, with
yellow veins. I have grown them out from 4" up to 15".  Another unique
hybrid is the Indian Red, (Echinodorus "indian red")which is pictured in the
Teepot book and is produced by Florida Aquatic Nurseries. I dont know where
the hybrid originates from, (I know its not in Tropicas catalog). When fully
colored up from submerged growth it is a solid bronze red color with oval
shaped ruffled edged leaves. The submerged leaves are rather thin and tend
to tear easily. It truly looks unlike any other sword I have ever seen. I
dont know what their maximum size is, but I have bought them in excess of
15" tall. The ones I currently have are half emmersed leaves, and half
submerged. Sometimes I can get fully submersed plants.

Uruguayesis is not a red sword, but I like the look of it because of its
long ribbon like leaves. They can get quite large. I had one for three years
that ended up taking up a whole corner of my 100 gallon tank.
http://www.aquabotanic.com/PC250008.JPG   Several lurkers here have both the
Ruby and the Indian red, perhaps someone will tell you on or off list how it
has grown for them.

Robert Paul H