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Re: Andres

>>I made the mistake of getting tangled in the Andre's Aquarium Club" web
site which is by far the most ridiculously confusing web site on whole
frigging internet! If you get tangled in this site you may never emerge
again!  IMHO, it looks like this site could have potential and they have
some good info but it's a confusing jumble of links, I dunno, maybe it's

No, its not just you. I think its the perfect example of how not to design a
WEB site. It amazes me how frustrating it is. Basically its a site for
vendors to offer their goods by paying a percentage of sales to the
WEBmaster, but it is so jumbled together with other links and so called
articles in such a way that it is impossible to navigate. And then some of
the links get broken and there is no way to get back to anything...it has no
begining and no end, no start page! It does have lots of gimmickey graphics
though. Just my opinion of course. I like all the cool pictures from
Tropica, Dupla, and a dozen other sites.

Robert Paul H