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>OK, so I've had the water in my tank running through the Micron Filter for
>over 24 hours now.  There is less small particulate matter floating around,
>but the water is Green As Ever.
>So apparently the filter, in and of itself does not remove the green algae
>from the water.
>So my next step is to try one of the flocculent treatments.

One word: Daphnia

These remove the Green Water. But fish will eat them!

Try adding a small amount of mulm to the filter intake also. That may make
the pore size smaller to help get the finer particles out. Diatom powder can
be used also. It (a micron filter) does work on Green water. I've use a
Magnum a few times on it with the plain cartiage. If it's a Magnum.... that
is. It may not solve your problem after it does clear up but often it does.
Soil and other richer substrates often get GW in the beginning. UV will also
get rid of it. Tanks that get something( like a jobes stick) pulled up from
the substrate like when replanting/pruning tend to get GW. It's seasonal
sometimes also.
Softer waters seem to get it the most IMO. I do a large water change then
add the treatment after removing most of the GW. No lights for a day or more
(you can do a full blackout (for 3-4 days) by wrapping a towel around your
tank). Try each method/treatment until you find one that works. They all
work well BTW. Not too many algae have so many methods of effective removal.
And the GW really doesn't hurt plants directly. It could be much worse:)  
Tom Barr