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Mis-named plants

Paul wrote:

>I was thinking about the real lotus.  I was assuming that what aquariasts
>were using was some member or members of that genus.  I have never had any
>Nymphaea or Nulumbo species myself, and did not know that the lotus plants
>used in aquaria were misnamed.  How did that happen?

Nope.  They're all Nymphaea sp.  Who knows how it happens?  The common name
for Nymphoides is "Banana Plant", and Alternanthera is usually sold as
"Scarlet Hygro"  Salvinia, a fern, is commonly known as "fuzzy duck weed",
even though duck weed is a flowering plant. <g>  Those are the ones I can
think of quickly, I'm sure other people could come up with more.