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Re: Seachem's Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit

>Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 19:09:31 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Kean Huat Yeap <keanhuat at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Seachem's Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit
>My Seachem Nitrite/Nitrate test kit gave me reading of
>0.5 ppm nitrate in my tank but my friend's Lamotte
>test kit gave me reading of over 44 ppm of nitrate in
>my tank! The huge difference of the nitrate reading
>really make me baffled. Had anyone experienced this
>I can't tell whether the chemicals in my test kit are
>already expired or not. I got the test kit last Dec
>from ThatFishPlace. I tried to find the expiration
>date on the test kit but no avail.

If you dose your tank with PMDD via a dropper / pippet, be careful you don't 
use the same dropper / pippet to top off the test tubes because any residue 
that remains inside the dropper / pippet will definitely affect the reading. 
  If the situation I just mentioned doesn't apply to ya, then I would 
suggest re-testing using both test kits.  If the difference between the two 
test kits remains large, then I would contact LaMotte (www.LaMotte.com) and 
inquire about the shelf life of the nitrate reagent(s).  If the reagents 
have not expired, then I would disregard the Seachem reading and side with 
the LaMotte reading. One other thing, make sure you're following the test 
kit instructions to a T".  If you don't have access to the instructions, you 
can get them from LaMotte.

Hope this helps,
Ashley Sligh

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