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Eheim Liquidoser: Thumbs Down

After a couple of good reports on and off List about the Eheim Liquidoser I
ordered one. However, after testing it out with water and with Flourish I'm
sending it back to the store today. It's a neat, small unit that rests on
the tank top. You program the unit to put in a single or double dose of
liquid from one to four times per 24 hours. I have no idea if the Eheim
nitrate-based fertilizer it comes with (and is designed for) works any
better, but I had no intention of using this liquid anyway at $15.50 for 50
mL. The size of a single dose is fixed and may or may not depend on the
viscosity of the fertilizer.

--Simple to program
--Accurate dosing times
--Small unit fits on tank top under canopy lights

--The liquid "well" that holds the next dose does not fill properly after
it empties, which means only very tiny amounts of liquid may be added
(sometimes the well didn't fill at all).
--At best, if the well does fill, you can add less than 2mL per single
dose, or only 16 mL per day. Since the well didn't fill correctly, I'm not
sure but it seems like 1.5 mL at best. In any case not nearly enough for
our 135-gal tank.
--Container holds only a small amount of liquid; it's evidently designed
for their "super-concentrated" fertilizer.

So if you can get it to work properly, have a small tank, and are willing
to pay $78 dollars...

Anyone else have an accurate doser for small quantities?

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