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Pygmy chains and Bristlenose and Greenwater

I'm kinda wandering weather the plant I got is a Pygmy chain.. It said it
was in the shop but im not so sure.. if from what smoeone said they pygmy
chains are too small for a bristle nose to get on then its definately not..
maybe just a normal chain sword ? Its leaves are like just big enough for
like a decent sized bristle nose to sit on (around 5-6 cm I think).  Anyway
for now because they are still in a pot I put a onion mesh bag around the
pot so nothing can disturb them.  I put a peice if lettuce in last night but
I dont think they have touched it yet.. i used to put split open pease in
and they were gone in the morning.. I got some algae wafers today too ..

On my algae problem the filter floss hasn't seemed to clear up the algae...
Its been running last night and today.. do I need to add a flocculant ?  I
don't seem to have any other algae tho.. nothing on any of the surfaces even
the glass.  I guess that greenwater is pretty efficient at converting
nutrients and light right :o)  Anyway Keep you all posted

Jon Hammond