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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #271

>I have three Cryptocoryne ciliata that are too big for the tank their in,
>and growing taller all the time.  Currently they're about 14" tall and
>they don't have any tendency to bend over when they hit the water surface.
>The highest tank I can put them in would provide only about 16" water
>depth, so I don't have many options.

>The question is, what can I do with these plants?  The options I'm
>entertaining so far are: 1) trade them to someone who can put them in a
>pond or open tank setting, 2) plant them in a small container like a fish
>bowl and let them go crazy, 3) composting them.
>The trade option is OK if there's anyone in the Albuquerque area that's
>keen on having them, but they don't seem to transplant well.  The fish
>bowl option would be fun (I'm doing that now with a large echinodorus) but
>I don't know if the plants will be able to take dry air.  If they don't do
>well in dry air, then that would also effect the option of growing them in
>a pond as the air here is typically pretty dry.

I doubt they will do well in the NM air. Swords do well here in CA also but
not the crypts. There's a large colony of Swords right next to were I live
in a drainage ditch and all over this urban area. The pond or trade or you
could always get a new big deep tank! Send them to me before you compost
Tom Barr