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Re: Blue Green Algae


In my experience, blue green algae often appears when
flourescent tubes get to be over six months old.  How
old are your tubes?  I don't know exactly why that is

I have also had it show up when my tank had VERY low
nitrates.  Adding a very small bit of nitrate of soda
(I now use potassium nitrate) and pulling out what I
could got rid of it with no erythromycin.  Using
marycin has worked before, but if your bulbs are fresh
and your nitrates low but measurable, blue green
algae/bacteria aren't much of a problem.

Java fern and java moss are also really easy plants. 
Java moss is even easier than Anubias.  

One more thing; you can easily provide co2 with the
yeast method described on the krib for almost no money
at all.  Co2 oroduction does tend to flucuate, so it
should be replaced every other week or so.  Check it
out.  It will not be needed for Anubias or the two
plants I mentioned.  Later, Cavan.

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