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C. ciliata


I have three Cryptocoryne ciliata that are too big for the tank their in,
and growing taller all the time.  Currently they're about 14" tall and
they don't have any tendency to bend over when they hit the water surface.
The highest tank I can put them in would provide only about 16" water
depth, so I don't have many options.

I don't think these specimens are the nice, well-behaved "latifolia"
variety, but instead the full-sized variety that can get to a meter or so
in height.

The question is, what can I do with these plants?  The options I'm
entertaining so far are: 1) trade them to someone who can put them in a
pond or open tank setting, 2) plant them in a small container like a fish
bowl and let them go crazy, 3) composting them.

The trade option is OK if there's anyone in the Albuquerque area that's
keen on having them, but they don't seem to transplant well.  The fish
bowl option would be fun (I'm doing that now with a large echinodorus) but
I don't know if the plants will be able to take dry air.  If they don't do
well in dry air, then that would also effect the option of growing them in
a pond as the air here is typically pretty dry.

Any other suggestions?

Roger Miller