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Re: More Light recommendations

"Steve Bansee" <tvg at icenter_net> wrote:

> Thanks Ivo,
> About the ballast, I asked the sales rep for Phillips here in Manitoba, and
> he said that I should use an electronic ballasts rated for 32w t8.  I had
> question him on this (because I read on the APD about the different types of
> T8's), and he said that it should work.  The ballast that I have is a Osram

I just asked because the Aquarelle bulb comes in odd wattages (for the US
market anyway). 

> QT4x32IS.   Also, what type of t8 would you use, for a 55 gal tank (36long,
> 20 wide x 18 h)?

I probably wouldn't use T-8s in a 36" long tank. Too expensive and not easy 
to find in my neigborhood. I would go with power compacts instead.


> BTW, whats a /800 PC?.

Sorry for the obscure abreviation. The "slash something" imprinted in the
bases of PCs (power compacts) referes to the CRI and color temperature
range of the bulb. PL-L55W/950, for instance, standds for "model PL-L, 55 Watt,
CRI > 90, color temp about 5000 Kelvin. A similar designation applies to 
most T-8 tubes I think. /800 Pc would be a power compact with CRI > 80.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD