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Re:pygmy chain sword & bristlenose food

Not sure about who's the culprit. I've never seen the bristlenose on a pygmy 
chain sword because they're too narrow. I'd imagine if he gave it a try, it 
could damage easily. I've seen dwarf gouramis do hefty damage to plants only 
when building a bubble nest. They'll rip out plant material to carry up to 
the nest (even when I kindly supplied him with a nice lump of riccia, which 
I'm still picking out).  I would just watch for a while.

As far as feeding bristlenose, I tried something different the other day, and 
to my surprise, he ate it. I threw the stem part of a raw broccoli, with the 
sides shaved off (so that it was a long rectangular cube shape. This is hard, 
but very fibrous, which they like anyway, so I gave it a shot. He nearly 
demolished it in less than a day. And btw, it sinks very easily.


> Somethings been eating my Pygmy chain sword !!! Could it be the Bristle nose
>  catfish I have in the tank ? (I cant think of any other fish that would
>  nibble on it.. I have - neons, rummy nose tetras, scissor tails, SAEs, 
>  gourami).. If it is the bristle noses should I be feeding them peas or
>  lettuce ?