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>>No.  I pack the floss in the media chamber that most people seem to use
for charcoal.  >>I did use the micron filters for a while, but it seems like
the flocculent plugs the filter.

>>Roger Miller


That's seems like a good way to get a large amount of surface on the filter
and make it pretty slow to clog.  I have found if I rinse off  the micron
cartridge and bleach it right away I can use it over and over and over, I
still have the cartridge it came with.  It still clogs pretty quick though
with the flocculent, but at the same time the tank clears quickly. I have to
cartridges.  I bleach one while the other clogs.

>>It's cost me about $11.00 for the filter cartridge, and $15.00 for the
plumbing parts >>that I'm jury rigging together. Birdy

This type of project always winds up costing me way more than just buying
the thing and usually works way worse!  Congratulations!

Did anyone else get an unsolicited email from Westerleigh Aquariums?