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Re: "lotus" seeds

Karen wrote:
>Isn't this talking about "real" lotus - Nelumbo sp.?  What we call "lotus"in
>the aquarium are really water lilies, Nymphaea sp.  Claus told me that
>all 'Zenkeri' are produced from seed. (which is why there is a fair amount
>of variation among the plants)  Of course that doesn't mean they're self
>fertile, but it would seem unlikely that the seed is that hard to sprout if
>that's the way they're produced commercially.
I was thinking about the real lotus.  I was assuming that what aquariasts
were using was some member or members of that genus.  I have never had any
Nymphaea or Nulumbo species myself, and did not know that the lotus plants
used in aquaria were misnamed.  How did that happen?

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, expecting our first high temp of 90
this week