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Thanks for all the suggestions and Comments

Just wanted to thank all of those who kindly took the time to respond to my 
earier posts regarding quesitons I had setting up a new 120 gallon tank -- my 
first tank since the 70's

Well the stand's built and it looks pretty good. Still need to finish putting 
the moldings on and figure out the doors. the tank's filter, an Ehein 2228, 
and heater are connected and I have 30 odd plants in it. It all came together 
last evening. with three shop lights and 240 watts of Chromo 50s.  THe 
lighting is an interim measure, and I will be upgrading to CFs and a CO2 
system by the end of the year. Substrate --Thus far I have  90 pounds of 
flourite, and 25 pounds of river gravel. In the months ahead I'll probably 
add another 15 - 30 pounds of Flourite.

The tap water over here tested out fine. pH between 7.0 and 7.5,  GH between 
4 and 5, KH about 4 --  that is if one can believe these test kits. Matching 
up the colors is, at best, a rather subjective matter at least to my mind.

I had the tank filled for three or four days and then finally hooked 
everything up and put the plants in yesterday. Water chemistry today in 
ranges  --  pH 6.8 to 7.0, GH 4 to 5, KH 6  to  7, NH 0, NO2  point 25 to 
point 50. NO3 is 0 . Temp is being maintained at 78  dF. The water is only 
slightly cloudy and should clear up within the next 24 hours (I hope.)

The Eheim 2228 is a joy. It's an incredibly powerful filter. Once the tank 
clears, I'll cut back on the outflow by adjusting the out flow disconnect on 
the pump head. Precisely engineered and seeminly idiot proof. At least this 
idiot had no problem putting it together and getting it to run. I'm running 
all mechanical media.  Starting a suction was a no brainer. After reading all 
of the * death is better than starting a suction on an Eheim posts* it proved 
to be zero problem. The disconnects are very well engineered, and the filter 
should prove  a simple and dry process to service. A very well made  and 
engineered filter. It is NOT over engineered. I guess you can tell I like it 

Again my thanks to the list. You're suggestions and comments really helped me 
clarify and refine quite a number of things planning this tank.

Oh. BTW it looks great in the living room.

David Napierkowski
Focaipoint at aol_com
Annapolis, Maryland
(All misspellings are typos and
the responsibility of my spellcheck program)