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Algae Problem (Staghorn?)


I've got a rather persistant algae problem at the moment which I'm having
trouble erradicating/controlling. It is a dark green looking algae which
branches out and it is slowly spreading over my gravel. After reading
several message archives and FAQs in order to try and identify the culprit,
I've come to the conclusion that it is Staghorn algae. I tried several of
the suggestions many people have given in the past for this type of algae
but onthing seems to be working. I've dropped my FE level down to 0.05ppm
which some people said worked but this only seemed to of slowed it down
slightly. None of my Oto's SAE's or Bristlenose's even glance at it, nor
does my Black Mollys or Swordtails. Is there any chemical I can use in my
tank to get rid of this perst? My gravel is starting to look rather green
coloured and I'm feeling a little helpless at the moment. I've been trying
remove it manually each week with my hands which helps a little but not

I had a severe Hair Algae problem about 5 weeks ago which forced me to
remove all my Echnidorus tenellus plants from my tank and leave it in a
bucket of water for 3 weeks. This killed the algae and as soon as I put it
back into my tank, my Oto's quickly cleaned up the dead remains of this
pest. The E. tenellus is thriving once again but now has to fight off
another algae threat.

Any suggestions?

Here are my tank conditions:

pH 7.0, FE 0.05ppm, 5dKH, 5dGH, NO3 0.5ppm, DIY CO2 (3 bubbles/sec)