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Re: Plastic Pond Question

Several people have chimed in on this - but the obvious answer seems to have
been missed. I don't know how big the balcony/deck is but most "preformed"
plastic pond liners tend to maximize surface area and this might not be such
a good thing in a tight space. The easiest thing would be to go to your
local hardware store and buy the biggest Rubbermaid storage container that
you can fit in your space. Here in Toronto, Canadian Tire (this aquarist's
favourite place to shop for things for the hobby) carries then in a whole
range of sizes - some well over 100L. Any place which carries farming
supplies/equipment would also have Rubbermaid livestock watering containers
as well, and these can be had in really big sizes. The beauty of these
things is that they can be hidden behind some cheap landscape lumber and
potted plants and noone need never know the origin of your water feature -
plus you don't have to spend a fortune for it.

James Purchase