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RE: manifold for CO2

>Also, does can someone recommend a place that carries a manifold for a CO2
>unit (like the one seen in the latest TFH).
>Thanks in advance,
>Big D
>Knowledge is the door ... Education is the key. 

Aquarium landscapes is a good one. I think it's 140$ Retail
I built one from Home Depot- brass pipe(1/8'') T's and male threaded pipe.
On this I added Monolift Marine's needle valves for 19$ each. It cost about
90$ for a 4way. These can be attached to cheap beer regulators and a tank no
problem. Adding another tank? For 19$ and a T and another male 1" threaded
pipe you can add CO2 to a tank with ease. A similar approach can be done
with High Pressure disc set ups also.
Tom Barr