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Red Sword Recommendations

Does any one have or every grown the Echinodorus uruguayensis or ruby sword.
I have seen these for sale at AquaBotanics site, but I my LFS does not carry
it can seems to not be able to get it.  Is the Ech. uruguayesis and Ech.
hormanii the same plant?  I currently have the red flame, red rubins,
ozelots, red melons, marble queens, and I am basically looking for a sword
that stands out from the others or is red like the others.  I can get the
oriental and the rose, but these two swords do not impress me very much.

Also, does can someone recommend a place that carries a manifold for a CO2
unit (like the one seen in the latest TFH).

Thanks in advance,

Big D
Knowledge is the door ... Education is the key.