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Re: Plastic Pond Question

> Does anyone know if moulded plastic ponds are strong enough to stand up
> on their own, ie without the supporting earth around them?  I've got a
> nice balcony on my flat that is crying out for a pond, but I don't think
> my wife would appreciate me carting a whole load of dirt up onto it...

How big of a pond are you talking about? I've got a peanut shaped, preformed
pond in back of my 80. I think the pond has a 30 gal (?) capacity. I'm using it
for a terrestrial plant filter (which is doing wonderfully, beginning it's 5th
month in operation). Even though the pond is only partially filled with water,
I'm confident that I could fill it all the way to the top with no problems. I'm
not sure what would happen with a different shape and larger size though.

Plano, TX