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Re: commercialism in the hobby

>>In all of my other fields of interest the editors and publishers always
seem able to maintain a clear distinction between information and
advertising -- a distinction that seems completely absent in TFH and
some other hobby magazines.<<

I dont like TFH for other reasons, but I hardly think that publishing an
article by someone well known in the hobby without citing their background
makes for commercialisim. Hovanec has been writing articles for years in
several magazines, and his studies and writing on carbon have been
invaluable IMHO. Are they slanted because of his position at Marineland? I
dont think so. Many leading people in the hobby hold prestigious positions
with commercial companies and are sought after for speaking engagements all
over the world by aquarium societies.

I read any article and take it at face value. Many accomplished writers in
our hobby contribute to this list and cant even agree on many issues! Even
experts interpret scientific data differently. I wouldnt presume that an
authors motive is to glorify his business just because he happens to work
for one in the hobby! My 2 cents.

Robert Paul H