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Fe Levels

>I agree with Karl's range. Personally I have 1 to 2 ppm of Fe.  0.05 ppm is
>way to low unless you wish to use Fe as a limited nutrient in a low
>maintenance tank or something.  0.1 will give a OK result in a low light
>tank, but at 2+ watts you likely don't have enough FE for your plants and
>you will have better growth if you add more. Claus of Tropica adds about 3 x
>time the recommend amounts and folks always wonder why my plants grow well.
>I've been "over dosing for years".
>I don't have excess algae. Other's on the list have confirmed some this
>also. If you have a good balance between your PH/KH/light and algae is under
>control you can do this 1ppm Fe. You can also do .2-.7ppm with no problems
>if your a little more cautious. Your starving the plants when you try to
>limit things too much. It's a balance, not a limited nutrient approach.

I agree completely.  I routinely run my tanks with iron levels around .5
ppm.  If I let it drop lower for extended periods of time, I see clear
signs of deficiency developing.