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>Erik wrote:
>Claus Christensen gave a very interesting talk on Riccia at the NEC a
>couple months ago (probably did the same one for the SFBAPS).  There will be
>a couple paragraphs of notes I took on this in the latest TAG (which just
>got printed).  He mentioned that he's gotten at least 10 varieties of the
>stuff, ranging from "fat" to "spindly" growing.  I'm pretty sure he
>said something about them having different floating properties as well.
>Didn't say anything about them rooting themselves :), but definitely
>confirmed what Tom mentions: he showed slides of them getting wedged into
>things and growing mid-water in the wild.<<
>That does sound interesting. I kinda wish I caught his lecture...so I guess
>Dave G will be selling these riccias for $100 a pound right? :) Tropica may
>be expensive, but I have to admitt getting nurseries to properly identify
>and even recognize what they are selling in this country is a real chore to
>say the least.
>Robert Paul H

Are you sure that you want to grow this plant or sell it? It is a vile weed
BTW. Of course one man's poison is another man's dinner. I'll gladly send
you some and you can enjoy years of picking the stuff out of all your
tanks:). Give me a couple of days.......yes it grows that fast! 
I cannot condone selling this plant really and would recommend against it
personally. It would be a nasty invasive plant if it gets lose and then ALL
Riccia may outlawed. Maybe not. But folks might not get what they think they
are getting. It is a vile weed and doesn't look like the other.
I've warned folks plenty now .........so there!
Tom Barr