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Re: More Light recommendations

>This bulb is included in the revised version of my article, soon to be
>posted at http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm. It is a relatively
>efficient bulb with lots of blue ligth.  The spectrum is just a plain
>tri-phospor, very similar to other tri-phospors such as the /800 PCs
>and the Philips ADV850, except for the abnormaly bright emission at 435
>nanometers. Sounds as a good light for saltwater...

>>Are you sure you have an appropriate ballast for firing this tube ?

>>- Ivo Busko
>>  Baltimore, MD

Thanks Ivo,

About the ballast, I asked the sales rep for Phillips here in Manitoba, and
he said that I should use an electronic ballasts rated for 32w t8.  I had
question him on this (because I read on the APD about the different types of
T8's), and he said that it should work.  The ballast that I have is a Osram
QT4x32IS.   Also, what type of t8 would you use, for a 55 gal tank (36long,
20 wide x 18 h)?
  My current plan right now (and its changing constantly) is, using 4 -
Phillips TLD950 F25T8 (36") and 2- Osram 55w CF, 4100k (ballast is a
K-Tronic KTE255/RS/120).  These are the highest temperature bulbs I can find
locally.  I might later switch to higher temp 55w-CF bulb (from AHSupply) if
I don't like the looks of this or when I have an extra $100 cdn.

BTW, whats a /800 PC?.

Thanks againg Ivo, awaiting the revised article.