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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #261


I have some Microsorum pteropus 'WindelÝv' (Tropica's var. of Java Fern) and
a little Microsorum pteropus (reg.Java Fern) that I could part with just
send me your address off-list.

Take care in that Texas Heat!

(In sunny, mild and beautiful N. Virginia where my hands are covered in
grease and transmission fluid from installing a radiator in my car, so I
can't put my hands in my tank till I get this crap off! Oh BTW, the
indigenous Ludwigia repens, Bacopa caroliniana, and I could be wrong but
some sort of Hygrophila (looks like corymbosa) is starting to grow in the
river behind my house again for this season).

> Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 14:14:38 -0500
> From: Rebecca Allbritton <rda at tamu_edu>
> Subject: looking for java ferns
> Hello, all.
> When I moved here to Bryan I lost almost all of my plants because the GH
> here is 0. I have been supplementing with different forms of calcium, and
> epson salt for the Mg+, and have begun using Seachem fertilizer
> religiously, and I'm able to keep a few things alive. Since
> nobody can grow
> plants in this water out of the tap, none of the local fish stores stock
> plants. I would like to get 3 or 4 little "starter" java ferns to
> put in my
> tanks, if anyone has a few to spare.
> many thanks,
> Rebecca...
> in Bryan, Texas