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>Tom Barr wrote  "What's your Fe? Check these first. Look in archives on
>Green water. Try Blackout/Micron filters
>like a HOT 250 magnum, get NO3 in the 5-10ppm range, Fe to .5-.7 or so..."
>Tom, I assume you meant 0.05-0.7, since the level suggested on the Flourish
>Iron level is 0.1 ppm and the range I usually see on this List is 0.05-0.1
>ppm. A search of the Archives turned up someone's: "Ooops, typing error.
>The iron level was between 0 and 0.05 mg/l, not 0.5 mg/l. Sorry."
>Note also the label for Karl Schoeler's Natural Gold fertilizer: "Add
>enough NATURAL GOLD to keep iron levels at .5 to .75 mg/l." 

I agree with Karl's range. Personally I have 1 to 2 ppm of Fe.  0.05 ppm is
way to low unless you wish to use Fe as a limited nutrient in a low
maintenance tank or something.  0.1 will give a OK result in a low light
tank, but at 2+ watts you likely don't have enough FE for your plants and
you will have better growth if you add more. Claus of Tropica adds about 3 x
time the recommend amounts and folks always wonder why my plants grow well.
I've been "over dosing for years".
I don't have excess algae. Other's on the list have confirmed some this
also. If you have a good balance between your PH/KH/light and algae is under
control you can do this 1ppm Fe. You can also do .2-.7ppm with no problems
if your a little more cautious. Your starving the plants when you try to
limit things too much. It's a balance, not a limited nutrient approach.
Heck, I have over 1ppm of PO4 also. Great plant growth. I've grown over 200
species like this. 
Many Companies recommend lesser amounts due to softer waters/new folks
adding too much etc and other issues that error on the cautious. I would
also, but might mention that these levels can be raised in a well run higher
light tank etc. Claus mentioned that mosty of the tanks he saw in SF were
nutrient deficient even though many had the .5ppm range. We started adding
more and guess what? Better richer greener growth.

Typo it is not. I feel it may be low but as you get the PH/KH/CO2 and the
light balance going well, then a nutrient balance is the next issue to
Tom Barr