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tank not cycling?

Is this unusual?

My 50 gal. tank has been set up for 11 days now, with lots of plants
(albeit small ones).  On day 2, I added 3 small black tetras.  On day 3 I
added 4 dwarf neon rainbows.  The following day, I saw a tiny amount (0.25)
ammonia, so I added the recommended amount of Cycle for new tanks.  One
week later, again a dose of Cycle, as recommended.

I haven't seen any measurable amounts of ammonia since seeing that one tiny
bit on day 4.  No nitrite either.  A few days ago, I added two algae-eating
shrimp, so now there's about 10 inches of fish in this 50 gal. tank.

Shouldn't I be seeing ammonia by now?  BTW, I remember seeing a posting by
someone else, saying that his tank never showed ammonia or nitrite, but
that he assumed after many weeks, that it was cycled anyway.