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Today's Aquarium

Karen wrote......Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 13:51:05 -0400,
Subject: Today's Aquarium

>Karen or anyone know or have access to the English volumes of Aquarium
>.  I would be interested in purchasing them.

>You might want to try Finley Aquatic Books, <lfinley at loa_com>

>I know Lee used to have some.  He's also usually got other interesting
>older planted tank material as well. I've got a set, but you can't have 'em
>till I die.<g>


Karen,  God-forbid !!  Anyway I will count on them coming to me in your
will;-)  On second thought, I think I have more kids (6) than you so you, so
maybe you should will them to some young wiper-snapper on the list. My
Aquatic-reading and my tanks tend to take a slight dive in the spring with
sports, boy-scouts etc....sort of BBA-of-the-brain if you know what I mean.