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Response from Aquarium Landscapes

This is a follow up regarding my post re: Aquarium Landscapes Formula K 
potasium supplement. Shawn Prescott sent me a very nice email off list 
regarding the post. He noted my points and said that labeling changes will 
occur at some point in the future. He also gave me the information I said 
was missing from the label.

I really appreciate it when someone such Mr. Prescott is responsive to 
reasonable consumer concerns. IMHO, that is the only way to build consumer 
loyalty and denotes integrity on the part of the company. These are the 
types of businesses I give my hard earned hobby dollars to, and try to let 
others know when I have had a good experience. I will undoubtedly be a 
future customer of Aquarium Landscapes because I believe they care about the 

Seachem has also displayed this attitude, as evidenced by Mr. Morin's 
participation on the board. Thanks to both companies.

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