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>Tom wrote:
>Many of the Hairgrass/Riccia fusions are of the sinking type of Riccia. A
>few photo's are of the lighter floating type we like more often but most if
>you look real close are not. These are temporay set ups in many cases and
>seldom stay that way!<<
>Floating type? Sinking type? This seems to kinda get back to my comment of
>some people saying that they have Riccia that doesnt float and kinda roots

It doesn't float and it doesn't root. It just gets into everything and is a
pesky weed from hell.
Learning how to deal with it to your advantage is about the only thing short
of radical measures to remove it. 

 I have never been able to get mine to do this. I have had bits
>and peices that are carried by the current and get entanged in plants, but
>once freed it immediately floats. Can you explain further? 

I think Baensch has it in Book 3. Riccia rheana or something close. Does
better in higher light and can be controlled by lower lighting(2 watts or
so). It well float also but you have to add a ton of light. It will pearl a
little but nowhere near as much as the floating type. It is also Bolbitis
dark green which will not contrast like you might think.

Tom, you have the
>nicest "carpet" of hair grass I have ever seen! 

You've seen only Jpeg's :). Thanks though.

I have always had it grow
>straight up and branch all over the place, how do you do it? :) 

Branch? You likely don't have dwarf har grass. Likely vivpera(?) or some
larger type. I have the same stuff Amano has. It's easy to grow actually, at
least for me. Epiphany will have some soon BTW. Some have said my KH/GH
might be it(5KH and 9GH). Some have said it's my RFUG's(it has done very
well in Flourite/Onyx without RFUG). It will beat up on other plants due to
it's fast growth rate regarding nutrients. Try a ten gallon tank with 2 x 15
watt FL's lights with some onyx sand.

Dan told me
>a couple of years ago that the willow moss/riccia thing was his
>adaptation...I have no idea.

Well bless his heart, he's no longer around to see if this is the case or
not. I miss him. It'd be hard to say I think either way.
Amano had it in his Aqua Journal vol 37 or 38? Also reference to K+
consumption and some good moss info. Some other folks can chime in on some
of these details.
Tom Barr