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More Light recommendations

Hi again all,

Was at my local lighting place today, and they had some fluorescent bulbs
from Holland, it was a Philips Aquarelle TLD 30W/89 (1" dia), which is 36"
long, they also had the 36watts at 48" long.  The price I can get the 36"
for is $15.00 cdn (~$10.00 US).  I looked at the Philips European and the
info on the Aquarelle says its for freshwater tanks.  It also has a spectral
power distribution graph, on that page.
My question is, would this be a good bulb to add to my tank, I'll mix it
with some 950 or 850.

Oh, the bulb is 10,000k (looks like saltwater stuff?), and a CRI of 79.
Take a look at the Philips page at