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Aquarium Landscapes Products and K+ Supplements

klHi all,
I had an email from Shawn Prescott and thought I'd pass on their URL: 
www.jagunet.com/~fishvet. He informed me that their available plants are on 
the site, and their products will be soon.

I have no affiliation with Aquarium Landscapes, but want to relate an 
experience I had while trying to obtain information regarding their 
potassium supplement which I hope Shawn reads and responds to.

I have been wanting to supplement potassium as I have a bunch of Riccia, and 
am using a method to keep it submerged without the use of wood, rock, 
fishing line, or hairnets that allows easy trimming and removal from the 
tank. I want to see if there is any appreciable increase in growth with 
potassium addition. Riccia uses a lot of K+, according to some of our 
esteemed list members. I had corresponded with a fellow member of the list 
regarding sulfate and muriate of potash (thanks Tom!), but have decided to 
go with a commercially prepared supplement, even though it costs a bit more.

Pet Warehouse sells some Aquarium Landscapes products, and I noticed they 
have a Potassium Supplement, called Formula K. They also have the only 
Potassium Test Kit I have ever seen available. Pet Warehouse also carries 
Seachem's Fluorish Potassium, which I believe is a new product. The Fluorish 
Potassium label clearly states that 1ml per 10 gallons of water will raise 
potassium level by 1 mg/l and gives a guaranteed analysis of 4% K 
(potassium). I was trying to determine which product would be a better value 
and called Pet Whse and talked to one of their reps about the Aquarium 
Landscapes product. The catalog states that Formula K treats 2,500 gallons. 
The Pet Whse rep physically got one of the Formula K bottles and had it in 
hand as we talked. The directions were to add x amt per x volume of tank 
water (I can't remember exact amounts). The problem was that there was no 
information as to what concentration of potassium was in the Formula K, what 
concentration a given amount of Formula K would provide in a given amount of 
tank water, and even what the volume of the bottle of Formula K was. This 
made any accurate comparison to the Seachem product impossible.

I ordered the Seachem product because I did not feel comortable with a 
product that gave so little information. I don't know about others on the 
list, but I like to know something about a product before I put it in my 
tank. I am not making any judgement as to the quality of Formula K, as I 
have never used it. I like trying new things as they become available, but I 
believe Aquarium Landscapes would do themselves a favor with consumers if 
they included more information on their supplements, particularly if their 
other product labeling is similar to that of Formula K. The above only 
applies to my experience regading Formula K, and no other Aquarium 
Landscapes product. I would like to try their products, but only if I know 
more about them. For me, Seachem sets the example for providing excellent 
product information. This information makes me feel comortable in the 
purchase of their products.

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